Severe Weather Preparedness Tips

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Due to the potential of heavy rains all weekend, we would like to ask our residents to be extra cautious of their belongings and please consider the following severe weather tips:

  • Items on Patios and Balconies: Place any loose items inside your home or in the outside patio closet (if applicable) to prevent anything from blowing over or washing away.
  • First Floor Units: Due to high winds and heavy rains, please keep a close eye on any water intrusion into your home through the patio doors.
  • Property Protection: To prevent any damage to your personal belongings in the event of water intrusion, please remove or elevate items off the floor.
  • Contact Emergency Maintenance: If you do have water intrusion, please contact our on-call emergency maintenance staff immediately at (512) 345-4444 and follow the prompt. Please leave a message clearly stating: your name, contact number and apartment number. A service technician will contact you upon receiving your message.  DO NOT LEAVE AN EMAIL, FACEBOOK MESSAGE or ONLINE MAINTENANCE REQUEST

    Once you leave a message, please attempt to prevent the potential of further water damage by placing a trash can or bucket under the drip and soak up any water with towels until maintenance arrives.

  • Watch or Listen to the News: Stay up to date with current storm tracking online, on the NOAA weather radio WXK27 (162.4) or tune into your local TV station.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office. Stay safe this weekend!

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